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We know the feeling when you got plenty of cards in your hand, but you don’t have enough gold or even gems to level up that important card in your deck. That’s why we have created this Clash Royale Free Gems and Gold Generator, to help you get unlimited resources to upgrade your cards, purchase cards that you don’t have, and buy all the upcoming special offers.

Click the button below to start and just follow the simple steps. Once you have filled your username/email and adjusted the slider for the amount of gems and gold that you need, click the “GENERATE” button and wait for the tool to authenticate and connect to the server, then complete the human verification process to get your rewards.

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No survey is needed to use our online tool, although we use security measures to combat hack tools or similar that may abused our system. Verification can be done in two methods depending the device you are using:

For Smartphone/Tablet Users – You need to download a free android/iOS app or game of your choice and run it for a minimum of 30 seconds, this way our system will detect that you are a real human. Other sites that says no human verification required are mostly fake, and they can get easily spam to death by automated bot that can brought their site down in seconds.

For Desktop/Laptop Users – You can choose to complete some quick offers which is totally free. Again this kind of verification is needed to prove you are not a robot.

If you have completed the verification step properly, it will take a few secs until the gems and gold will be credited to your Clash Royale account. Enjoy your rewards, use it to purchase all the current promos and upcoming offers.

free clash royale gems

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a strategic game developed by SuperCell and one of the most downloaded game in both Google PlayStore and Apple store because of it’s awesome gameplay. Most of its troops, spells, buildings are based from Clash of Clans game. This game is so much fun because you are dueling with other players all over the world in real time. Your ultimate goal is to reach higher level arena, complete all the cards, level up all cards to max level, level your king to max, and be able to participate with monthly league where you can get awesome rewards every end of the league depending on the highest trophies you were able to achieve.

To start with Clash Royale, I’ll be guiding you on the basic know how that will help you progress with the game. Have fun and see you in the arena!

Building a Starting Deck

clash royale training camp arena

Before you can duel with online players in Clash Royale, you need to complete the training first which would take around 5-10 minutes and after completing this – I’m very sure you will easily understand how the game mechanics works. I also want to emphasize that you must bind your Clash Royale account to your Google account so that when you change a device, you can easily restore from your last saved game play. You can also use the bind feature to retrieve forgotten accounts if ever you will stop playing and will come back again to play in the future.

Initially, you will need to choose 8 cards as your starting deck and as a newbie, you will have to select on a limited pool of cards that you need to level up, as cards become more powerful (more life, more attack damage for troops and stronger spell cards). To achieve higher trophies, you definitely need to level up the cards in your deck as you will also face hundreds of opponents online with higher level of cards.

Pro tip – always have at least 1 spell card, 3 to 4 common cards, 1-2 rare card and 1 epic card to start with. There will come a time that you will reach a certain arena where you can unlock a legendary card which is a special type of card that is very powerful.

As you unlocked new stage by achieving higher trophies, whic is also called as arena, you will be able to unlock new powerful cards that you can use to compete with other players.

Here’s a screenshot of a sample starter deck primarily composed of Freeze spell card, Pekka, Goblins, Musketeer, Valkyrie, Arrows, and Elixir Pump. The cards here are already on max level, I’ll be discussing card levels and categories as we go through.


Card Types, Categories, Rarity and Level

You have different card types to choose on when building a deck. These include spell card, troop card, and building-type of card. Common cards can be max out up to level 13, rare cards can be max out up to level 11, epic cards can be max to level 8, and legendary cards can be max out level 5.

Rarity of a card usually corresponds to its type such as legendary as the hardest card to get, next is epic cards, followed by rare cards and lastly, common cards which you can get from almost any kind of chest.

When you reach a certain arena, there are sets of cards available that you can unlock. These cards once unlocked can be added and used on your deck. You can also start leveling up these cards using three different methods:

  1. Requesting card to clan members – This is one of the best method to level up your cards in Clash Royale, aside from free you can do this 3 times in a day, every 7 hours of interval. First thing you need to do is to find a clan where you want to join. Once you have joined successfully to a clan, there will be a new feature that you can utilize which is the request/donate of a certain cards. You can basically request a common card or a rare card every day from Monday to Sunday. The numbers of cards you can request varies from your current level of arena. The higher of arena you are in, the higher of cards you can request. This also applies to donating cards. Pro tip – You can request epic cards during Sunday for one time, the rest of the intervals you can either request the common or rare card that you need. It is also important that you maximize the donation period to get more gold (which will be discuss on the next item)
  2. Buy cards using gold in the store -To level up your cards faster, you can also utilize this feature. Although honestly speaking gold is hard to get in Clash Royale next to Gems. That’s why I suggest that only use this method when you have lots of gold to spare as leveling up cards require a certain amount of gold not just the amount of cards required to level it up.
  3. Buy gems using real cash – buying gems is not a problem for rich kids, and on western countries. By purchasing a bunch of gems, then can easily convert this to gold or they can directly purchase a sack of gold using real money and use the gold to buy the cards, level up at the same time. When you got money, you can easily outrank your competitors in clash royale.
  4. Get free gems and gold using our generator – our online clash royale gems generator is one of the best as it is 100% legit and safe. Your account will not be suspended and you can use it multiple times.

Unlock New Cards when You Reach Higher Arena

Training camp Arena

  • Arrows (common)
  • Bomber (common)
  • Archers (common)
  • Knight (common)
  • Fireball (rare)
  • Mini Pekka (rare)
  • Musketeer (rare)
  • Giant (rare)
  • Prince (epic)
  • Dragon (epic)
  • Skeleton Army (epic)
  • Witch (epic)

Arena 1 Goblin Stadium (0+ Trophies Required)

  • Spear Goblins (common)
  • Goblins (common)
  • Goblin Hut (rare)
  • Valkyrie (rare)
  • Lightning (epic)
  • Goblin Barrel (epic)

Arena 2 Bone Pit (400+ Trophies Required)

  • Skeletons (common)
  • Minions (common)
  • Tombstone (rare)
  • Bomb Tower (rare)
  • Skeleton Giant (epic)
  • Balloon (epic)

Arena 3 Barbarian Bowl (800+ Trophies Required)

  • Cannon (common)
  • Barbarians (common)
  • Rocket (rare)
  • Barbarian Hut (rare)
  • Rage (epic)
  • X-bow (epic)

Arena 4 P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse (1100+ Trophies Required)

  • Tesla (common)
  • Minion Horde (common)
  • Inferno Tower (rare)
  • Hog Rider (rare)
  • Freeze (epic)
  • PEKKA (epic)
  • Inferno Dragon (legendary)
  • Lava Hound (legendary)

Arena 5 Spell Valley (1400+ Trophies Required)

  • Zap (common)
  • Fire spirits (common)
  • Furnace (rare)
  • Wizard (rare)
  • Poison (epic)
  • Mirror (epic)
  • Graveyard (legendary)
  • Ice Wizard (legendary)

Arena 6 Builder’s Workshop (1700+ Trophies Required)

  • Mortar (common)
  • Elixir Collector (rare)
  • Battle Ram (rare)
  • Tornado (epic)
  • Golem (epic)
  • Log (legendary)
  • Sparky (legendary)

Arena 7 Royale Arena (2000+ Trophies Required)

  • Elite Barbarians (common)
  • Royale Giant (common)
  • Mega Minion (rare)
  • Three Musketeers (rare)
  • Dark Prince (epic)
  • Guards (epic)
  • Electro Wizard (legendary)
  • Princess (legendary)

Arena 8 Frozen Peak (2300+ Trophies Required)

  • Bats (common)
  • Ice spirit (common)
  • Ice golem (rare)
  • Clone (epic)
  • Bowler (epic)
  • Night Witch (legendary)
  • Lumberjack (legendary)

Arena 9 Jungle Arena (2600+ Trophies Required)

  • Goblin Gang (common)
  • Dart Goblin (rare)
  • Executioner (epic)
  • Bandit (legendary)

Arena 10 Hog Mountain (3000+ Trophies Required)

  • Heal (common)
  • Cannon cart (epic)
  • Mega Knight (legendary)

Arena 11 Legendary Arena (3800+ Trophies Required)

  • No cards available for this arena

Types of Chest

Chest is what you get for every wins in a battle in Clash Royale. You can stack up to 4 chest in your stash as it takes time to open a chest, before you can open another chest. So when you have already got 4 chest at your stash, you won’t be able to get a new chest as a price, but still you got the gold incentives if you haven’t reach your daily limit.

The chest are dropped from ranked mode games or what we called as ladder match and the rewards inside depends on your current level of Arena. A silver chest from Arena 5 have better rewards compared to a silver chest from Arena 4 and same rules applied to other chests.

Check out the different types of chest below (rewards are based from highest arena):

  • Free Chest – Free chest is available every 4 hours and it contains at least 1 rare card, 13 common cards, and 91-104 gold. Opening this chest is done instantly.
  • Silver Chest – Silver chest had the most highest drop rate in game and you can get 1 rare card, 13 common cards, and 65-91 gold each. Opening a silver chest would require 3 to 4 hours.
  • Gold Chest – Gold chest contains at least 4 rare cards, 41 common cards, and 205-287 gold. It would need 8 hours to be opened.
  • Giant Chest – One of the rare chest that you can get, from the name itself – it contains a whooping 57 rare cards, 287 common cards, and 860 gold. You can also buy this chest for 520 gems.
  • Epic Chest – This chest is harder to get compared to Giant chest, and it contains 20 epic cards as a reward. Sorry but no gold for now. You can also buy this chest in the store at least once a month priced at 10K gold.
  • Magical Chest – This chest is one of the best because of its high chance of getting a legendary card inside.¬†You can also buy this chest for 870 gems. What you get inside are 4 epic cards, 24 rare cards, 123 common cards, and 1200 gold. Drop rate for a legendary card on this chest is around 5-10%.
  • Super Magical Chest – This chest is the second rarest chest you can get in the game, but it is definitely worth it. You can also buy this chest for 4900 gems. What’s inside are 24 epic cards, 147 rare cards, 738 common cards, and up to 6600 gold. It also comes with a 33% drop rate for a legendary card.
  • Legendary Chest – This chest can be purchase every once a while for 500 gems and it has only 1 reward which is a single legendary card. You can also get this as a reward but it is very rare similar to super magical chest.

Is it Free to Play?

Yes it is free to play and you can get to higher arenas as long as you are committed and focus on leveling on a specific deck or cards. Majority of those people who have reached the highest position or trophies in the league are buying gems and gold so that they could upgrade their cards as soon as possible. This will become an upperhand on their part as even they have low level King and low level arena, but their cards are higher compared to regular users, this only means that they can easily defeat enemies even 2 levels higher to their current level. I remember when I’m in Arena 9 and my common cards just reached level 10, but then I’ve encountered users who are 1 level below, but with max level common cards which are really powerful and annoying to deal with.

Is it Pay to Win?

Not really but if you really dreaming on getting on the top of the league then you can go to this route so that you can get your cards max out easily. By using our clash royale gems and gold generator you can save a lot of money from buying gems and gold using real cash. It is totally free so enjoy and use your rewards wisely. If you have any problems getting your prize gems and gold. Just contact me using the contact us page.

How do I fund my account?

Funding your Clash Royale account is very similar to other games with in-game items that can be purchased online. Just click on the product or offer and you will be redirected to a billing page where you can pay either credit/debit card, through your mobile network provider, and some countries even supports PayPal payments.

Who can use this Clash Royale Generator tool?

Anyone can use our free online clash royale hack tool, no age limit, no gender required. We are not racist either, just follow the simple instructions and you are good to go. Sharing is also caring – if you are happy with our tool, please share it to your friends, family or colleagues.

How many gems and gold can I claim?

You can redeem 9999999 of Gems and 9999999 of Gold, which is enough for your upgrading needs I guess. Don’t be greedy, there are other users who also use our website so be sure to leave a good amount for other people.

Is there a Clash Royale Elixir Cheat that exist?

Many of our visitors are asking if there’s a working clash royale elixir cheat, sad to say we haven’t heard or seen one for the game. We strongly believe that proper usage of the elixir pump in the game is the only way that you can get a positive elixir trade ahead your enemy.

How about entering CR cheat codes?

Similar to the previous elixir cheat question, this also doesn’t exist. There’s no way that you can enter cheat codes to the game, be it through using 3rd party apps or any gaming hardware.

Is there a version of CR Hack Download App that we can install?

This is also one of the most popular questions by our Clash Royale subscribers. I want to warn you about this, seriously! If you have seen a hack clash royale app floating around the internet saying that version gets unlimited gems and gold by just simply installing. I can attest that it is fake and definitely not working, and worst case may contain a virus.

Can I get banned for using such tool or service?

Your account will be safe while using our CR online resource hack generator, rest assured as we have a lots of users who have tried and tested our system and you can see their feedback on the right side of this article. Again you can try in a back-up account of your if you don’t really believe or in doubt. Have fun and please leave a feedback with your experience using our smart online generator of gems and gold for Clash Royale.

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